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  • 13 abril 2014 en 17:24
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    Sonya! Your picture is SO cool! What fun! I finekrag LOVE your plates Lola! Pretty as can be! Perfect! YAY for the start of Summer!Sarah….could he be any cuter? No possible way?I love Zoe and her little friend!SO glad you liked Sex and the City just like I did Rikako! We might be the only two girls in the world that love it : ) Oh well!Happy Friday girls! Happy Friday!I love all of your pictures. To me, it doesn’t matter if people have big fancy lenses or spectacular cameras at all. To me what matters is the heart in your pictures. If heart is in them, well you can take brilliant images even from a toss away camera!Here is to finding the love this weekend!’Photograph: a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art.’ ~Ambrose BierceAnd P.S. How great is Frau for her DAILY comments. She is so encouraging and loving. We all need to go over and express our gratitude to her for making our site more spectacular! Thank you sweet Frau! We appreciate the time you take for us!

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